Workshops and group approaches are a way for a deeper understanding of oneself mirrored by others. We can allow ourselves to see that we are not alone in our own struggles and that maybe someone else is also struggling with similar situations. We have the ability to learn from each other.

The group creates a safe space where we can explore our masked, un-integrated, or wounded parts. When we feel supported to let go of our structures, beliefs, and unnecessary patterns, we can then allow ourselves to be vulnerable and seen. Workshops are highly confidential. Our primary focus is always on healing and learning.

Safe space can have a deep impact on a participant. It is known that group workshops can be the equivalent of several months of individual sessions. Also, when we see others in their vulnerable states and become aware that each of us holds our own struggles and stories, we are able to step into the place of true compassion. Each workshop has a theme of exploration which gives us the opportunity to dive deeper into self and to gain a deeper embodiment of our essence.





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