Energetic Work

„The body is a self-healing organism,
so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.“

– Barbara Brennan

The definition of emotion describes it as being energy in motion. Energy is all around us. We all consist of energy. When one is completely healthy and integrated, energy is flowing uninterrupted through our energetic field. In some situations, often caused by trauma, stress, and unpleasant circumstances, we tend to adjust our energetic flow in order to survive. We can easily see how one is holding or lacking energy in the way that the body is structured. We tend to unconsciously create belief systems that help us to rationalize our emotions and energy flow through the body.

If we allow the consciousness of our bodies to find a medicine that is needed through movement, breath, touch or expression, we can naturally find a way to heal ourselves. We are unconsciously blocking the flow because we are afraid it will cause the very thing we were trying to avoid when we adjusted in the first place. However, energy always wants to be in a natural flow. Our body-mind always strives for homeostasis.

Energetic work can be active and passive. Active energetic work means that you consciously use your energy in the process through movement, dance, or any other kind of expression. In passive energetic work, you just allow energy to flow and heal whatever is needed at that moment.

The session consists of:
1. Definition of challenge- we define what is your struggle, what would you like to explore and what is the issue related to.
2. Energetic work – we activate your system through breath, movement, meditation, touch,  healing, or voice.
3. Integration – we sum up the experience and reestablish the ground. We discuss what are the ways to incorporate new findings in your day-to-day life.



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