Embodiment of Self Love – Online Class

With Daniela Eichberger PRERECORDED EVENT - participate in your own time 44 Euros per person   15 mins of Guided Embodied Dancing to the topic self love Gentle Self Love & Touch Exercise What does it look like to be self motivated vs. others motivated? The pitfalls & patterns on the journey away from self […]


The Magic Within

Embodied Wisdom presents:   I remember when I was a schoolgirl, I used to hate autumn. I always felt so forcefully pushed into the structure that was out of my natural flow. It felt so off to be focused, surrounded by people, and being pushed outside of myself. Only after I finished my studies at […]


November in Embodied Wisdom   „Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.“ Socrates If there is one thing that is inevitable in this life, that is dying. We all will die. I was recently creating a podcast episode with my dear friend Daniela who is a Death doula. She said something that triggered […]

The Creator

"The fire is winter's fruit." - Arabian Proverb Winter is the time of rest. The whole of nature is drifting into a night of deep winter sleep. It is the time to dream. It is the time when we align ourselves with the creator within and allow it to flow through us. This December, we […]

Mystical Emptiness

Those which are produced from causes are not produced. They do not have an inherent nature of production. Those who depend on causes are said to be empty; those who know emptiness are aware. - Budha   We are falsely conditioned to believe that we need to be constantly filled with content to know that […]


   "From every ruin, life springs up again and everything that dies is born again." - Isabelle Eberhardt. Lately, I've been thinking about new beginnings. Often we want something new in our life so badly, but the moment it rings our doorbell we would freeze in terror. How come we would choose an old but […]

The Inner Wilderness – Embodiment Class

RECORDED CLASS -participate in your own time Available on Boon. tv Price: 15 €   Access Here       Inner wilderness simply means to allow the flow of energy that is raw, untamed, and honest. It means that we don't need to control what is happening inside of us. That can be scary at […]


Enough – Live Session

27th of March, from 11.00 – 12.00 on Boon. tv (replay available after the session) Price: 30 €   Access Here   There comes a moment when we open our eyes, stand up and say enough. Enough can come in many forms and shapes. It can come as a clarity, it can come as a […]


Light and Dark – Movement Class

RECORDED CLASS - participate in your time Available on Boon.tv Price: 15 €   There is tremendous potential in our darkness. If we don't focus on the story and the pain the darkness brings, if we feel it is just energy, we will become aware that darkness is nothing but resistance to life. It's how […]


Creative Expression -Live Session

26th of April, from 17.00 -18.00 on Boon.tv (reply available) Price: 30 €   They say that repression of expression creates depression. If you have ever created something, then you must know that masterpieces come to life when we are only a vessel of the great creator within. When we surrender to it humbly and […]


I See You – Movement Class – Online

Price:15 € Available online; Prerecorded   They say that when we observe particles they start behaving differently. The energy moves differently when there is someone to see it. As an old mind-boggling question goes, if a tree fell in a Forrest and no one was there to see it, did it make a sound? Sometimes […]

The Rhythm of The Heart – Movement Class – Onine

Price: 15 € Available Online; Prerecorded   Our heart is more than just an organ. It holds everything that we love, cherish and long for. Our heart also holds all of our heartaches, pains, and unresolved anger. Our heart seeks our attention. The greatest tragedy in life is to live with a closed heart. It’s […]