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The Rhythm of The Heart – Movement Class – Onine

Price: 15 € Available Online; Prerecorded   Our heart is more than just an organ. It holds everything that we love, cherish and long for. Our heart also holds all of our heartaches, pains, and unresolved anger. Our heart seeks our attention. The greatest tragedy in life is to live with a closed heart. It’s […]


I See You – Movement Class – Online

Price:15 € Available online; Prerecorded   They say that when we observe particles they start behaving differently. The energy moves differently when there is someone to see it. As an old mind-boggling question goes, if a tree fell in a Forrest and no one was there to see it, did it make a sound? Sometimes […]

Creative Expression -Live Session

26th of April, from 17.00 -18.00 on (reply available) Price: 30 €   They say that repression of expression creates depression. If you have ever created something, then you must know that masterpieces come to life when we are only a vessel of the great creator within. When we surrender to it humbly and […]