The Black Pearl
The Black Pearl

The last couple of days I’ve been going through some wisdomising. Easter represents transformation and resurrection. It’s the time of great shifts. It’s a reminder of the aeternal battle of good and evil.

I was never afraid of my darkness. I actually started therapy to get to know my darkness. And to transform it.

During my awakening, I was very into spiritual communities. And it was fun and open, but something always felt off. It’s like we weren’t allowed to speak about the darkness. It was too compromising. It wasn’t real. So I left.

For many years I have worked on my darkness. But now, I also see it as duality. I have come across something extraordinary. The most beautiful and rare black pearl of my consciousness. It emerged in my darkest hour. It whispered:

“There is no working on darkness/shadow /lower self. It is perfectly perfect in its NO to life. There is beauty in darkness. Don’t try to manipulate it. Embrace it and fall in love with it. Darkness is a work of art. It’s the summary of your hatred, tears, losses, traumas, defeats, failures, desperations,… it is always by your side. It will haunt you until you decide to see it for what she is. She is you.”

I’m in awe of my darkness. Without her, there is no me. And without me, there is no her. It is like two lovers finding each other after years apart. It makes me wonder, it was never about the battle of the light and the dark, the yin, and the yang. It’s about going beyond. It’s to love and honor ALL that we are. Light and dark need each other because one cannot exist without another. The completion, the realization means that there is no light and dark. I simply AM.

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