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Is Therapy for me?

The most common situations in which people go to therapy are breakups, relationship issues, new life roles, mourning processes, panic attacks, anxiety issues, apathy, and moving to another country. One of the reasons can also be awakening. When we realize there is so much more to life but are still challenged with our wounded parts lurking from the shadow.
Therapy is a long-lasting process of self-discovery, self-dedication, self-confrontation, and change. The process may last from several months to several years, depending on the reason for therapy and the motivation of the client.


What are Personality Reaction Patterns?

By exploring the theory of Personality Reaction Patterns, we get the opportunity to know ourselves and the way we react to stress and discomfort. For example, why do I always expect that somebody will betray me? Why am I afraid of criticism? Why do I feel that my needs are never met? Why am I always anxious? Why can’t I say no?
Our reactions to external reality are the reason why we can’t achieve our deepest aspirations in life. Reaction patterns usually stem from early childhood and have served the child in the ability to adapt to circumstances and family situations. However, as adults, we can change our belief systems and behaviors, because now we have a choice. Recognizing our feelings, we gain clarity of who we truly are, and from that and that alone we are able to know what we desire in life. We can’t change what we are not aware of. Understanding our unconscious reactions, belief systems, and inner NO to life, we are able to get in contact with our essence. Essence is our basic and most important quality.  Our essence is the place in us from which we create and manifest our dreams. It is a place of knowing, love, compassion, and openness. In our essence, we are forever sovereign.


What is the Therapist’s role?

The therapist’s role in the therapeutic process is to mirror the client’s strengths and potentials, therefore helping the client to acknowledge and validate his true self. In having contact with another person who really sees us for what we are, we come to realize that we are OK as we are and that our essence is real. It is our consciousness in the end that heals us. Therapy is a judgment-free space. You can feel safe that no matter what you say in therapy will never be shared with others.
Individual sessions are offered in a private office in Copenhagen and online. The usual duration is one hour.

Online: It is very important that we create a safe space for online therapy in your own home. That means that you have enough privacy for the session. We can always schedule a trial to see if our tech is in order. The cancellation policy is 24-hour notice otherwise you will pay the full price of the appointment.


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