Embodied Wisdom Program
Self-Development Program that offers you tools, support, and guidance so that you break through old patterns and start living from your essence

Embodied Wisdom

Embodied Wisdom is a learning program that supports embodiment, true authenticity, and inner wisdom. The main premise is that every human being already carries a unique expression and wisdom that will ultimately lead them into the realization of who they really are. Our core value is sovereignty.
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The program is based on a monthly membership. Each month you will receive two transformational and insightful sessions. One of them will be held live and we will dive deeply into the practical experience of embodied wisdom. If you want to go deeper, they will have access to process work and individual sessions.
Why Embodied Wisdom?
Working for a decade as a therapist I realized that a presence of a supporting being that is not judging us and sees us not only in our most wounded parts but also in our greatest potentials can shift realities. If one person accepts me, so can I. If one person believes in me, so can I. The only problem is that after a session we come back to our old life where we need to find new ground.
Embodied Wisdom is a safe space for all of those who are going through similar experiences and want to be guided, supported, and understood. There is tremendous power in community and consistency.
What you will get:
  • Affordable access to a high-quality personal growth method.
  • Individual and group support in your journey.
  • Sense of belonging that comes from the community.
  • You will acquire the application and usage of body-oriented tools and techniques for mindfulness-centered psychotherapy.
  • Lifetime access to all concerned contents.
  • Bi-monthly sessions you can do from the comfort of your home.
  • Live sessions.
  • Discounts for future events.
  • Special 3-month member discount.
  • Membership bonuses.
What is the body-oriented method?
The purpose of movement practices is to be fully present in the body. As we learn to live “in the body” rather than outside it, we feel more at ease. By consciously moving the body, we increase awareness, and we allow the flow of energy to open. With regular practice, we open the door to authentic expression and start living as we are at the core of our being.
Embodied practices stem from the origins of body-centered psychotherapy and have developed throughout the years. We use structured movement and breathing exercises that focus on emotional regulation and expression. We use conscious dance, storytelling, meditation, and guided fantasies. We also use authentic movement which means that we allow the wisdom of our body to find a spontaneous way of reaching balance and expression.



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Disclaimer: It is participant's responsibility to follow his/her own needs and to take care of his/her body at all times.
The facilitator can take no responsibility for an injury you sustain as a result of you participating in this program. This program requires physical movement. In case there is any kind of restriction for your body you will take care of it and adjust any exercise to your own needs and abilities. 
Participation in this progran is no substitute for any medical treatments or therapy.

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