The Inner Wilderness – Embodiment Class

RECORDED CLASS -participate in your own time Available on Boon. tv Price: 15 €   Access Here       Inner wilderness simply means to allow the flow of energy […]


Light and Dark – Movement Class

RECORDED CLASS - participate in your time Available on Price: 15 €   There is tremendous potential in our darkness. If we don't focus on the story and the […]


Creative Expression -Live Session

26th of April, from 17.00 -18.00 on (reply available) Price: 30 €   They say that repression of expression creates depression. If you have ever created something, then you […]


I See You – Movement Class – Online

Price:15 € Available online; Prerecorded   They say that when we observe particles they start behaving differently. The energy moves differently when there is someone to see it. As an […]