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The Rhythm of The Heart – Movement Class – Onine

June 5


Price: 15

Available Online; Prerecorded


Our heart is more than just an organ. It holds everything that we love, cherish and long for. Our heart also holds all of our heartaches, pains, and unresolved anger. Our heart seeks our attention.

The greatest tragedy in life is to live with a closed heart. It’s when life loses its essence and becomes lifeless. Hearts keep us alive literally and also figuratively. To engage in life with an open heart means to feel the aliveness, the beauty, and the magnificence of life. It means to embrace what and who we love. It means to listen to the rhythm of our hearts. It means to unapologetically follow the situations, activities, and people that move us.

Our hearts always hold the truth and with that the answers to our questions. To have a strong heart means that we can sit with what is painful, unpleasant, and difficult. True bravery comes from the presence and the ability to show up for ourselves. In this class, we will dive deep into our hearts through movement. We will listen to the voice of our heart, and allow it to beat freely, openly, and unconditionally. We will find the uniqueness of what we love and allow it to expand and nourish us.



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June 5
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