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November 28, 2021 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm CET

November in Embodied Wisdom


„Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.“


If there is one thing that is inevitable in this life, that is dying. We all will die. I was recently creating a podcast episode with my dear friend Daniela who is a Death doula. She said something that triggered something within me. She said how conversations about death make us start living.

If I allow myself to feel into death, two things come to me. Surrendering and letting go. A life in which we are holding onto relationships, places, things, or identities because we are afraid to surrender to the inevitable. Not really a way to live, is it? Naturally, things fall apart. There is something comfortable in death. It makes my humanness feel more relaxed. I don’t need to win or trick life, I just have to experience it with whatever it brings my way. Sometimes sour, and sometimes sweetness.

 Now, I’m not saying that endings and deaths are not painful, but they don’t necessarily have to be traumatic. What makes it difficult is our inability to surrender to the end. We can’t let go of the identity we are attaching ourselves to. It’s almost like if I let go, I will no longer exist. But our identities are not who we are, they are our acts of consciousness and can be rewritten.

All living creatures know how to die. Maybe we are not aware of it, but it is a primal instinct inside of us. When the moment comes, we do let go.

To let go, we need to deidentify ourselves with who we are and understand that our essence, the core of our being is God, also, and with that the one bringing many deaths into our experiences.





Endings 1 – Through Life Cycles – Online Class

Available on Boon.tv
Price: 15€
In this Online Class, we will embark on a journey. You will be guided through life cycles starting from the moment of your conception to your death. You will be able to witness your experiences from childhood and youth, but also the ones that are yet to unfold in your life. Life cycles are a series of changes in our organism. They are also phases in our life that influence the way we interact with our surroundings.
From a non-linear perspective, we can understand the importance of each phase. Sometimes, we can get stuck in one of them.
When we begin to understand that the end of one phase is only a beginning of a new one, we can allow ourselves to go through life fully present in our body as it is. We also don’t have to be stuck in the phase we are currently at, we can always revisit and honor where we used to be, and where we are heading. The fullness of life is to allow and embrace the beauty of each phase without holding on to something that by nature wants to evolve.
This class is not recommended for people who are taking psychiatric medications Band have a diagnosed mental illness. You must take full responsibility for your well-being throughout this experience. This class is not a substitute for any type of therapy or medical treatment.


Access Here


Endings 2 – Surrendering and releasing – Live Session

28th of November, from 10.30 – 11.30 on Boon.tv (replay available after the session)
Price: 30 €
In this session, our main focus will be on letting go. What is that in our life that we have trouble releasing? When we are holding on to the past we are not living the present. We are trapped in time.
One of the important factors in this process is our inner authority. To let go of that which needs to be released we need to have a strong sense of authority. When it comes to authority, often we tend to project our inner authority into the outside world and then we either rebel or obey.
Another thing is that if there is no strong sense of inner authority that comes from the core of your being, your I Am, we tend to allow our aspects to run the show. Many of them are holding onto past experiences, or illusions that have no purpose in our life.
To live as a truly mature being that can experience the true beauty of life, we need to allow ourselves to feel and to honor our personal experience. The process of surrendering to death can be painful. To go through it, we need to allow ourselves to mourn. Letting go is not a one-time thing. It’s a process. The process of mourning has 5 stages and to truly let go we need to go through all of them. The process is not easy, but it’s important.  The secret ingredient for living is not picture-perfect, it is a dedication to be there for ourselves for better or for worse.
I invite you to join me in this deep exploration of letting go of that which needs to be released so that you can step into the next moment that wants to be expressed through you. 
Access Here


November 28, 2021
10:30 am - 12:00 pm CET
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Lana Kunstek
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