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Embodiment of Self Love – Online Class

August 5, 2021 @ 7:29 pm CEST


With Daniela Eichberger

PRERECORDED EVENT – participate in your own time

44 Euros per person


  • 15 mins of Guided Embodied Dancing to the topic self love
  • Gentle Self Love & Touch Exercise
  • What does it look like to be self motivated vs. others motivated?
  • The pitfalls & patterns on the journey away from self abuse towards self love
  • The Spiritual Social Worker / Mother Theresa Syndrome
  • How can you embody self love in relationship, at work and with your children?
  • Going beyond guilt, suffering, victim energy, compromise & self sacrifice
  • Beyond shape shifting & people pleasing, from servitude to being in service
  • Coming home to the body, to hear your own truth & integrate with your energy
  • You only ever meet yourself, going beyond the inner critic
  • Sharing Circle – An open discussion around the topic of self love
  • 5 mins Sound Bath to integrate the energies

“Start with being kind to yourself”

Very few humans know what it’s like to love themselves. They tolerate themselves. They have an awkward relationship with themselves, and they’re still looking for love and still creating love with other people. This planet has created love, shared love and been in love. What happens next on this planet, that’s never been done anywhere else in all of creation, is for the very beings who came here to start loving themselves. It’s the next frontier. It’s the next evolution. It’s the next spiral.

When a person absolutely loves themselves and has full compassion for themselves, there’s a very beautiful side benefit. Suddenly, they love everybody else. Suddenly, they have compassion for everybody else. Suddenly, they understand everyone else’s journey. Suddenly, they’re not trying to push everybody else, they’re going there first and becoming the Standard.

Let yourself be so into you, so wildly and madly in love with yourself – that’s what changes this planet.


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August 5, 2021
7:29 pm CEST


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