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The Creator

December 19, 2021 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm CET

The fire is winter’s fruit.”

Arabian Proverb

Winter is the time of rest. The whole of nature is drifting into a night of deep winter sleep. It is the time to dream. It is the time when we align ourselves with the creator within and allow it to flow through us. This December, we will allow our creator to consume us, wash over us, and move us.

My dream for this year is simply a creation. Pure creation that can take me beyond time and space, but also bring me back into the fulness of my body and the ground beneath me. I allow myself to dream in the creative flow without any agenda, goal, or even vision. Simply creation for creation.


The Creator exists in all of us. It is the part inside of us that creates our realities. It cannot be manipulated and controlled. What we can do is to feel and allow our Creator to create. As simple as that.


I realized that life worth living is not the one in which our main focus is on results, but rather the one in which the flow of life opens us, spins us, and creates through us.



The Creator – Beyond Limitations – Online Class


Available on Boon.tv

Price: 15 €


We are all limitless beings with a vast imaginations and the capacity to create. However, we often face certain limitations. Some of them are our body, belief systems, or outer limitations.

By allowing ourselves to become aware of limitations, and accepting them, our possibilities start to move and shift. The moment our creative imagination takes us beyond limitations, we can step into a new reality which is pure creation. In this reality, our dreams can become tangible. We can embody them, and with that, our dreams already are a reality.

The body-oriented and mindfulness-centered approach lies on two principles- the first is that the body and the psyche are inseparable, and the second is that healing exists within us.

In this class, we will go through body-oriented and conscious movement exercises, guided experience, and conscious dance.


Access Here





The Creator – Dreaming The Dream – Live Session

19th of December, from 10.30 – 12.00 on Boon.tv (replay available after the session)

Price: 30 €



To create a masterpiece, you only need a brush and canvas. To surrender to creativity we need to trust ourselves. We need to trust that we can’t mess it up.


We need to trust that The dream is already inside of us. We don’t need to understand it, control it, or manipulate it. We simply need to allow it. To create the dream means that we no longer have to project it into the future and we can start moving, painting, breathing, dancing, and feeling it. It is here and it is time to unfold it.


In this session, we will feel into a year behind us, what resources us, and also what is there to release and let go of. We will also feel into what is the need we wish to embody in the new year.

After that, we will go on a journey together. We will travel beyond time and space where we will meet our dream and allow it to unfold in front of our eyes.


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December 19, 2021
10:30 am - 12:00 pm CET
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