Dreams, Desires, and Vision Boards
Dreams, Desires, and Vision Boards

Yesterday I decided to create a vision board. Since there have been many changes in my life, I decided to reflect on everything that is happening, where I was, and where I want to be. I took a deep breath and started dreaming about the future. I was startled by what was in front of me. I could not connect to a certain human desire. Of course, I have desires from a human perspective, and they are all beautiful, but this was something different.

My dream was not to be richer, have a husband, or travel the world. My dream is to look at the horizon, to feel the power of a running waterfall, to feel a hug from a child, to play with a dog, to study the magic of embodiment, and to simply enjoy extraordinary moments only life on Earth can bring.

Human desires can be tricky at times. I remember 2 years ago my dream was to get married and to start a family. However, my partner at the time was not ready. And that was okay. I just couldn’t accept it, I really wanted that, and it was not happening. I blamed him, I even blamed myself. I was pushing him into places he didn’t want to go.

We all have the right to want and desire whatever we want. But I was so bitter and full of blame. I was playing the game of life. We need to achieve certain, imaginary things, otherwise, we are failures. For me, that was starting a family. I wanted to win in life. 

I was unhappy until one moment I said to myself: “Okay, enough is enough! Do you want to get married and start a family? Fine, let’s do it!” I went on and put a ring on my finger and played how tomorrow is my wedding day. I allowed myself to live that desire without actually having it. That make-believe lasted for a couple of weeks, and then I realized I’m done. I was free. I even realized how life is full of possibilities when you are outside of the box.

I started thinking how sometimes our human desires really are that – make-believe stories. What are we trying to prove and to who? This is not the way to live. We are missing out on life. The life that is happening, the one we are experiencing now, not the one we are expecting. We are free to experience beyond time and space without losing the connection to the ground. My body didn’t know if I was really having a wedding or just playing around, my body felt that I was in the flow, that I was saying yes to myself with this fun creation. And it simply brought this new wisdom.

For this reason, my new vision board is full of pictures of my current life, the one I’m living right now. I’m not going to be in this body forever. I don’t need to go anywhere. This is it! I Am here. 


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